Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thank you Mrs. Choi!

Thank you so much Mrs. Choi!  The package you sent arrived yesterday.  The kids loved the laver!  Minah's favorite food is still rice and seaweed.  She eats it so fast we can hardly keep up with making it for her.  She has already eaten several of the small packages. Jacob, Chloe, and Minah loved their hats.  The weather here is much cooler now so they have already put them to good use.  Minah happily put the adorable magnets on the refrigerator.  She used some to display her crafts she makes at school.  We hung the beautiful, framed picture in our living room for everyone to see.  It is so lovely.  Jacob cannot wait to put together the model boat.  Minah is insisting on helping him.  She talks about making it all of the time because she is so excited.  We are planning on hanging the smaller picture you sent in Chloe and Minah's room so they can see it every morning.  Thank you so very much!

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