Monday, November 12, 2012

Minah's New Haircut!

Tonight Minah got a brand new haircut!  She is so excited!  We have been growing her bangs longer and decided to take the plunge into short hair for a little while while they grow longer.  I cut off 4 inches from the back and sides.  Afterwards she couldn't stop twirling around and playing with her hair.  She ran upstairs and proudly showed her Daddy.  Next she ran into Rachael's room and Jacob's room to show off her new style.  She kept saying, "Chloe's hair!"  She remembered Ryan was in the basement playing video games so she ran down there to show him.  Unfortunately he was already in the shower so she is not so patiently waiting for him to get done.  It is adorable on her!  My little sunshine is just beaming!

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