Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching Up-Pictures from Halloween

 Minah proudly showing off her Halloween craft she made at school.
 Minah waiting for her snack at school.
 Chloe in her Pocahontas costume
 Happy sisters!
 Pretending to be puppies-Minah's idea.
Minah proudly showing off her Blue Man Group costume.  She insisted that she be one of the members of Blue Man Group.  Her favorite part was having her face painted blue.  She was so happy!

 Saying, "Cheese!" for the camera.
Jacob in his scary monster costume.

 My three little sweeties!
The pumpkins they carved.  From left to right-Chloe's, Minah's, Rachael's, Ryan's, and Jacob's.
The kids had so much fun on Halloween.  The little ones each had class parties.  I went to Minah's where they had a parade.  The kids marched around the school proudly showing off their costumes to each other.  Afterwards they played games and did a craft in the classroom.  Matt went to Chloe's since it was at the same time.  He said they played games and did a craft as well.  In the afternoon Jacob had his party.  It was so much fun seeing all of their friends in their costumes too.
That evening we went out trick-or-treating through our subdivision.  I was surprised how long the girls wanted to go.  They filled their bags full of all kinds of sweets.  Grandpa Bob stayed at our house passing out candy.  We had 77 kids ring our doorbell wanting candy!  I think that is a record!

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