Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Caterpillar

 On the way home from school last week Chloe found this caterpillar on the sidewalk.  She yelled for me to come over because she wasn't sure what it it was.  All of the ones she has found in years past have been woolly caterpillars.  We rescued it and took it home for Minah to see.
Although the girls wanted to keep it as a pet, we decided to set it free.

As Chloe was putting it on the hydrangea I turned around to find Minah with the bug box.  She was ready to find another home for the little bug.

 We waved good-bye to our friend caterpillar and hoped it would someday turn into a beautiful butterfly!
 That afternoon the girls made pictures for the caterpillar.  Minah was cutting a heart she had colored and Chloe made some lovely masterpieces.

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