Monday, October 15, 2012

Found Vacation Photos! Harry Potter!

 Yesterday I found the missing photos from our vacation to Universal Studios in June!  Here is a picture of Hogwarts Castle.  Matt, Rachael, and my Mom have read all of the Harry Potter books.  On the drive to Orlando the kids watched the first 3 movies in the car.  They were hooked!  All of them were so excited to see the castle and check out the surrounding areas at Islands of Adventure.

 Here is another view of the area.  It looked so much like the movies!
 Chloe, Minah and I did not ride the Forbidden Journey but took the walking tour through Hogwarts.  The girls were excited to find that they could ride this ride.  I was surprised, even Minah wanted to ride it and loved it!

 Daddy and Minah, Chloe, and Jacob

 We next went to Olivanders Wand Shop for their show.  It was a long wait but the kids loved it.  Not far was Hogs Head.  It is a pub attached to a restaurant.  We went inside for some cold butter beer.  Now, butter beer does not contain alcohol so we all tried it.  They serve it frozen and regular so we got some of each.  For those of us who liked it, we preferred the frozen.
 The hogs head inside of the pub.  Doesn't it look scary!  I was so surprised the girls didn't mind it at all!
Rachael and Ryan had decided to explore on their own.  Here's the rest of us outside of the castle.
More photos to come from our vacation-stay tuned for Dr. Seuss Land!

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  1. Fun pictures. In college I studied in England for awhile and lived in a castle. It was the very castle they filmed Harry Potter in.