Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our fun trip to see the Kruegers in Wisconsin

 The beginning of August we were able to visit our friends the Krueger family at their cabin in Wisconsin.  We went the same weekend last year and it is so much fun!  Our first night the kids caught toads, made smores, and had so much fun playing with Kai and Bei.  We love seeing Dan and Liz (the kids do too) and we look forward to the trip all year.

This was our beautiful view the first night from their cabin on the lake.

Chloe and Bei
We first met the Kruegers in Beijing in 2008.  They were there to adopt Bei and we were there to adopt Chloe.  We were part of the same travel group and our children were living in the same orphanage.  We feel so fortunate that we met Dan and Liz.  Our lives changed forever (for the better) during that fateful trip in so many ways.  Our little girl was finally in our arms and we became life-long friends with the Kruegers.  Double Happiness!
We had so much fun seeing them again this year and we can't wait to see them again soon!

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  1. We LOVE having you guys at the cabin!!! This year was just as much fun as the first year. Hopefully, we will see you guys this fall! Miss all of you!