Monday, September 17, 2012

My Little Future Astronaut

Minah's school asked if parents could send in a photo of their child reading a book.  They are displaying them in the hallway to encourage reading at home.  Minah's favorite thing to read right now is this National Geographic Space magazine so I got it for her and did my little photo shoot.  I asked her to show me her teeth to try and get her to flash me one of her beautiful smiles.  It turned out now quite how I expected but still adorable. 
She LOVES anything about space right now.  She is fascinated by all of it.  In particular, the moon.  Daddy and Minah watch NASA educational shows in the evening after Chloe and Jacob go to bed.  Minah will walk over, cuddle up to Matt, and ask sweetly, "Daddy watch moon?"  It gets him every time.  How can you say no to a request to watch an educational program?  When she looks through her magazine she tells us the planets-Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Earth, and the sun.  She loves to put my hand on the pictures of different suns while she says, "Hot!  Hot!" and giggles and my reactions.  I love it when she tries to tell me about the Mars Curiosity landing too.  She is so, so very smart.  When I ask her now if she will visit the moon she always tells me yes and I bet she sure may someday!

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