Monday, August 6, 2012

More Orlando Vacation Photos

 The weather was a bit unpredictable during this trip.  It rained quite a bit so we tried to swim when ever the weather allowed.  Minah had a great time in the pool.  She is such an independent little girl so we are very glad she has a special swim suit that allows her to float.  She jumps in and swims all over the place!
 Rachael by the pool.  She's not quite as much of a swimmer.

 There were a few extra guests that swam in the pool.  A mother duck would jump in and swim with her babies.  The kids thought it was great.  I had mixed feelings about it.  They were cute but I'm sure they aren't potty trained.

 Jacob wanted to be buried in the sand.  Granny helped him out and he was thrilled!

My surfer kids.

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