Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun at the Zoo

Jacob hatching his egg.

 Chloe is a little bird too.
Watering the plants in the Hamill Family Play Zoo.

Playing dress-up is fun for boys too.

It's not a day at the zoo unless Chloe paints her face.

 Love this one!
The kids love this part.  You press your foot on the petal and water sprays out.  Minah loves to get wet but Chloe is more cautious.

 Minah still loves to play the drums and she is quite good at it.

More water spray fun.  Miss Minah just loves getting wet!

The reward for good behavior at the zoo is always a ride on the carousel.  The kids love it!

We love going to the zoo and try to several times a year.  The kids always have their favorite things that we do every time we go.  We first visit the Hamill Family Play Zoo to see the lemurs, spray the plants, look at the gardens, paint faces, and pet domesticated animals.  Afterwards each of them picks something they want to see.  This time they wanted to see the penguins, the jungle gym, and the zebras.  Before we left we walked through the butterfly exhibit as well.

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