Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

August 16th was the first day of school for Ryan, Jacob, and Chloe.  Ryan is in 9th grade and is a freshman.  He doesn't look too happy to have me taking his picture with the number.

 Chloe started her first day of kindergarten.  She picked up her "K" and said to me, "Umm....Mom.  My name starts with a "C"."  I explained that the K was for Kindergarten and she was happier.
Jacob is in 3rd grade.

 It was storming that morning so we drove them to the stop and walked them over to the corner.
Chloe didn't even turn around and wave to us.  She was so happy to be starting school.

Minah had her preschool open house that morning.  After the kids left she grabbed Jacob's "3" and said to me, "Three is for Minah!"  I didn't know she recognized the number but she knows she is 3 years old.  She is such a smart girl!

She was so happy to be going to "her" school that morning too.  She didn't want to take off her back pack.

She picked it out herself and proudly wears it.

Minah showing us the entrance to her school.

 She loved the classroom and there were lots of new friends, fun toys, and really nice teachers.  She didn't want to leave.  As soon as we walked in she turned to me and said, "Bye Mom!" and motioned for me to leave.  I had to explain to her that Mommy and Daddy were staying that day with her and she would come back without us next week.
Sophie missed Minah while we were gone so she had to come get some cuddles when we got home.  Minah put in a movie, got her favorite snack (seaweed), and her comfy blanket while she waited for Chloe to get home.

This looks like a really sweet picture but she is actually moving the dog away because she was afraid Sophie wanted to eat her seaweed.

 Chloe getting home from her first day of kindergarten!  So proud of her.
I asked her how she liked it and she said, "It was GRREEAATTT!"  So far, so good with all of the kids.


  1. Beth,

    Loved the pictures of the kids heading off to school! You are always so organized!! I didn't even get a picture of Bei on the first day...we are always just lucky to get their on time. I am glad that they are all doing so well and liking school.


  2. Oops...I meant "there" on time.

  3. I was so nervous about putting Minah on the bus. Luckily it came 10 minutes early or I would have been a crying mess. It came so quick it was like ripping off a bandaid. I only got a picture of the bus driving away. Luckily she was thrilled and waving at me until she couldn't see me anymore. She loved it!