Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Girl!

Last month I decided it was "time" to potty train Minah.  We had been talking about it for months and months with her.  To say the least, she was not happy about it.  She would cry if you started to talk about her using the potty instead of diapers.  Forget underpants!  She would rip them off, run out of the room and toss them as far away as possible.  She did not want to be a big girl and she would tell me often she was "Mommy's baby". 
I called my father-in-law and asked if he could keep Chloe and Jacob for the day.  I was pretty sure once we got going using the potty that Minah would do really good and I wanted to focus all of my attention on her.
I bought a bunch of small toys, stickers, and a dolly that came with her very own potty.  I got lots of sweet foods (candy) and salty things (seaweed, chips, popcorn, etc) and we started.  I told her the diapers were gone!  She looked at me and was none too pleased.  We had purchased a brand new potty chair too.  She reluctantly sat on it while I distracted her by reading books.  Soon the books turned to sword fighting with little plastic hooks.  She was on the potty and I was on the floor in front of her.  Within an hour we had our first success!  She happily called Daddy to tell him.  Within 2 hours she was fast asleep on the floor so I snapped these photos.

 She is surrounded by many of her favorite things-her coloring book from Mrs. Choi, her potty dolly, her hooks, her seaweed, milk, and her puppy.  There is a small blue dinosaur tucked under puppy.  That was the first thing she picked out of her prize bowl for going potty.  She just loved it!

By mid-afternoon we were brave enough to put on underpants.  She was actually happy about them so I was thrilled!  She got the bubble wand as a prize too!  She did so great!

By late afternoon Chloe and Jacob came home.  She missed them so much and was so proud of herself.  She had to show off her big girl panties and all of her new prizes!

Look at big girl!

 There is nothing more fun than playing bubbles with your sister!
 I love her so much!  She is just like a little ray of sunshine.
 It has been about a month since we did our day of potty training.  The first week we had about 3 accidents.  I didn't think that was bad at all!  She still wears a diaper at night.  She sleeps so soundly that she cannot wake herself to go.  We've tried making her go right before bed but she still goes potty during the night.  It's been a long time since she has had an accident during the day though.  So proud of her!
It's not complete without a photo of Jacob too.  While the girls played with bubbles he was helping me.  He went inside and got a pair of scissors to cut the dead blooms off my butterfly bush.  I had told him how it only booms again after you cut the dried flowers off.  He spent a lot of time snipping away and soon afterwards it was full of new blooms and lots of butterflies!

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