Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to the Zoo!

 Cleaning up by the Lemur area.
Mommy's Little Lemur

 It's not a day at the zoo without Chloe painting her face!
 Minah checking out the rabbit.  She had just finished petting the cat and also got to pet a hamster.
 Creating "Bats" in the craft area.
 Minah did great and even cut most of it herself.

 Usually Minah doesn't want her face painted.  Chloe talked her into it this time.
Chloe is such a sweet sister.  I love this photo because you can see how hard she is trying to paint a pretty heart on Minah's face with one hand and is gently holding Minah's hair back on the other.
It was such a fun day at the zoo and we were so glad Daddy could join us this time too.  The kids loved showing him all of their favorite things to do.  We stopped by the manta ray exhibit but they weren't selling food to feed them during our time.  Still, the girls enjoyed touching them and even Minah put her hand in the water.  Usually she just wants to look at them.  We always end our day at the zoo with a ride on the carousel.  We can't wait to go back again soon!

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