Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation Day #3 Universal Studios

 The entrance to Universal Studios from City Walk
 Islands of Adventure
 Rachael taking photos of the trees.  She was trying to get lots of really creative photos.
 There were two ways to get to City Walk from our resort.  You could take the walking trail (which we usually did) or the water taxi.  Granny and Chloe are sitting in the back of the boat and we walked.

 Minah was ready to hit the rides.  She picked up her map of the park and was ready to go!
 On our way to the rides we got to watch the Spongbob Squarepants parade.
 Matt and Minah were joking around.  He said to her, "Let's make mad faces." and this is what she did.  Too cute!
 First they rode the E.T. ride and played in Fivels world.  Afterwards we made it to Curious George.  The entire thing is a splash pad/water spray area.  Minah ran right over and got herself soaked.  Chloe was a bit more apprehensive at first but soon was as wet as her sister.

 Minah doesn't care if the water is cold either.  She gets wet and loves every minute of it.  She is becoming quite the fish!  I think she may be a swimmer someday.

 Minah was excited to find the Curious George book by the entrance.  The pages didn't turn but she loved looking at it.

Soon afterwards we were ready to leave the park. When we got there we let Rachael and Ryan explore the park by themselves.  Since they are older, we wanted to let them ride all of the wild roller coasters and do "big kid" stuff.  They were able to ride the rides they like over and over while we explored more age appropriate things with the little ones.  We went back to the hotel late in the afternoon and relaxed for awhile.  That night we went back to City Walk and dined at Bubba Gumps.  It was such a wonderful vacation.  The next day we went to Islands of Adventure to see Harry Potter!

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