Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vacation Day #2-Arrival at Royal Pacific Hotel




 Jacob and Minah at the hotel pool
 The girls playing in the baby pool
Minah loved the warm water!

The following day we woke up and left our hotel around 9am.  It was roughly a 7 hour drive to our hotel in Florida.  Just after we passed from Georgia into Florida we saw the Florida Welcome Center.  Inside they offer maps and brochures of all of the tourist attractions in the state.  The girls had fun posing behind the wood cut-outs.  They also offer free orange juice since the state of Florida is known for their delicious oranges!

Within a few hours of us getting back on the road in the car we talked to Granny.  She flew to meet us in Florida and kept us up to date on her plane flights.  She arrived at the hotel a few hours before us and got to relax before we arrived.  We stayed at the Royal Pacific Hotel in Orlando.  It is part of the Universal Studios properties.  The hotel was amazing and after we dropped off our luggage we made our way to the pool.  The kids loved swimming and running around after our marathon car ride!  Afterwards we had a yummy dinner and went to sleep dreaming of the fun we'd have the next day at Universal Studios Park.

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