Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vacation Day #1-Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, Tennessee

 Getting ready to take the elevator down to Ruby Falls

 We never go anywhere without Minah's puppy!

 Gem mining

In June we decided to do our first big road trip.  We decided to drive to Orlando, Florida and it was our first big road trip with the kids.  We planned it for months.  We started out early (4:30am) from home so we could get a few hours of driving in before the kids woke up.  They were so excited that they started out awake!  We stopped for breakfast about 8:30am at McDonalds.  During our trip we played some fun games like license plate bingo.  Whom ever named the state first on the license plate could mark it on their sheet until all 50 states were named.  As we went through Nashville I was shocked when Rachael and Ryan found Hawaii!  The kids did wonderfully on our first day.   We stopped shortly before dinner in Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit Ruby Falls .  It was so interesting.  You take an elevator down into the caverns where you are led by a guide to the falls.  It was nice to be out walking after being in the car for over 11 hours.  After we saw the amazing falls we went out and the boys panned for gems while Chloe and Minah played on their jungle gym equipment.  Next we got back in the car and drove another 3 hours to get us past Atlanta, Georgia where we stopped at a hotel to spend the night.  I was so proud of the kids during the trip and they were so good!

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