Sunday, July 29, 2012

Newborn Photos of Minah from Korea

 Minah at 3 days old.
 Our little girl already was making silly faces!
 Minah at 18 days old.

A friend suggested I contact SWS post-adoption services to inquire if there were any newborn hospital photos of Minah.  I contacted them expecting to hear that there were not any additional photos.  We have been blessed with so many from her first year so I would not have been disappointed.  Surprisingly a few days later I awoke to find 8 beautiful photos of Minah in my inbox!  The pictures above were taken of Minah after she was discharged from the hospital while she lived with her first foster family in Busan.  They range in age from 3-18 days old.  They were taken before she was moved to the baby reception center in Seoul.  It was so kind of SWS to contact them and also kind that they provided these to us.  We are so grateful for all of the love she was given and continues to receive from very special people in Korea.  It means so much to her and us!

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