Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ladybug, Ladybug

Our local forest preserve district offers classes for children.  I signed the girls up for the Ladybug, Ladybug class.  We met at a forest preserve near our home.  They have a wonderful building for hosting preschoolers.  When we arrived they had work books already made up that the girls could color.  Once everyone arrived the girls had a seat on small pieces of carpet in a semi-circle around the leader.  She told them all about ladybugs-how the grow, what they eat, etc.  They were fascinated!  Afterwards we walked to one of the outdoor shelters where they were each presented with their very own bag of live ladybugs.  Chloe was so excited-Minah was not so much.  Chloe used her magnifying glass to check out their spots, legs, and faces.  Minah stood behind me asking to go to the car because she was afraid of the bugs.  Soon we went to the open praire to set them free.  Chloe happily sent hers and Minah's on their way and was able to bring a few home.  Those lucky ladybugs were set free in our garden!

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