Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wild About Weather Class

We went to a class at our county's outdoor education last month.  It was called, "Wild About Weather".  It was our first time and we were really looking forward to it.  When we arrived at the building the girls were excited to find some local creatures inside.  They studied this turtle for a long time.

They got to color all sorts of weather pictures too.

 Here was another creature that they observed.  My creative little girl was pretending to "be the snake".  She is so smart and funny!
 Afterwards we went on a nature hike to observe the weather and find things that were as a result of different weather conditions.  We saw where lightning had damaged a tree, rain had caused some erosion, where wind had blown over a tree, and other interesting things.  My girls were really caught up with looking for flowers and there were plenty to be found!

It was a wonderful class and we loved it!  We're looking forward do doing more again soon.

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