Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beautiful Spring Weather!

The weather has been beautiful here these last couple of days.  It has been in the high 70s which is more like May-not March!  Supposedly it is supposed to be warm for at least the next 10 days so I went through Minah's closet and took out a lot of her winter clothes and replaced them her spring/summer clothes.  The kids had so much fun outside today.  We looked at all of the signs of spring-crocus blooming, tulips breaking through the ground, and enjoyed listening to the birds singing.  Jacob, Chloe, and Minah loved riding their bikes.   Many of their friends stopped by and they played outside on the swing set in the backyard.  It is also so wonderful to see our entire driveway covered in chalk masterpieces.  Minah made a "cat".  Chloe colored rainbows and Jacob and his friend made giant cats as well.  Overall a very wonderful day!


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