Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Houses-Thanksgiving

Rachael working on her house.

Jacob getting his started.

Chloe is getting ready to assemble the walls.

Minah enjoying some licorice rope.

Daddy is helping Minah get her house ready to decorate.

Carefully picking out what candy she wants to use.

Getting a little silly with the sweets!

Who knew licorice was so multi-functional?

Jacob spent so long making sure his house was exactly how he wanted.

Everyone working hard

Minah really decorated her own house this year.

She was so creative!

Rachael's Hello Kitty masterpiece.  She spent two and a half hours working on it!

Jacob's cool creation-complete with a gummy bear army, sleigh and Santa.

Minah and her silly face!  *Note the pink fingernails I mentioned in my last post.

Daddy was getting hair out of her mouth from when she stuck out her tongue.

Minah and her incredibly creative house.

Chloe and her super-cute castle!

I love our Thanksgiving tradition of making gingerbread houses.  My mother-in-law starts baking the molds the beginning of November and carefully make sure there is enough for everyone.  The last couple years Thanksgiving has been held at Uncle Mark and Aunt Jackie's house.  There are typically 4+ picnic tables filled with people assembling their creations when we arrive.  It is quite the production and it is so fun to see what they are making.  This year everyone but Ryan made one.  He was too busy playing with the older cousins.  Now the houses are proudly displayed between our kitchen and sunroom for everyone to see!

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