Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun at the Museum with Friends

Checking out the air exhibit.

The bubbles were so fun too!

Placing thin plastic sheets on the clear board.

Fun in the light area.

Playing in the train exhibit.

Driving Miss Minah

Last Saturday we went to the Dupage Children's Museum to meet with some families I met online through a Korean adoption group.  It was so much fun meeting Jennifer, her husband Rob and their kids as well as Grace and her son Joel.  Grace is getting ready to travel to Seoul in the next two months to bring her daughter, Mercy, home so we had a lot of fun chatting about SWS, AMSA, and adoption in general.  The kids just had a blast playing in the different exhibits and it was so great meeting my wonderful friends in person.  Hopefully we can get together with them again soon!

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  1. Loved how you captured Chloe in all her enthusiasm!