Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Lights, etc.

Matt hung our Christmas lights outside on the house and in  the front yard.  The kids wanted to be out to help him.  This strand was giving him a little trouble.

The kids decided to help.  At this point, Matt was raising his voice and telling them to go inside.  See who is about to step on them!  LOL!  Luckily he didn't but Daddy wanted to make sure everyone was being safe.

I love her little outfit.  She picked it out herself.  Blue jeans with Chloe's ruffly skirt.  She has begun only wanting to wear Chloe's clothes which doesn't always go well with Chloe!

I just love this little girl so much!

When I took these photos she was asking me to paint her fingernails.  That has become a near daily ritual.  She likes pink polish the best but doesn't quite have the patience to wait to touch them until they are dry.  I tried to get a picture of her cute fingernails but she was too quick and off to explore something else.

This was one of our fun Thanksgiving crafts.  It is Minah, Jacob, and Chloe's hand prints (in that order).  Minah wanted to keep doing them and kept bringing me the brown paint.

It is on an 11X14 canvas hanging in the kitchen.

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