Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

I took these pictures of Minah on Christmas Eve before she went to bed.  It must have been really late because they showed up sorted on the computer with the Christmas Day photos!

She's such a silly girl!

She loves looking a the Christmas ornaments on the tree.

My sweetie pie! 
Christmas Day checking out stockings!  It started early.  Jacob woke up at 3:45am but Daddy made him wait to go downstairs until 5:30.  He woke all of us up at 6:45.

The kids seemed to love their toys.  Chloe's favorite was a Leappad.  Minah's favorite is her Leaptag Jr.  Jacob loves his Halo legos.  Ryan got new games for his XBOX and Rachael got clothes and a stuffed duck she wanted.  By the end of the day, Minah had taken possession of it though.  :)

After we opened gifts Grandpa Bob came over for brunch.  Usually I am pretty good at planning a meal.  This year I lost track of time and forgot to put my ham in the oven early enough.  We ended up eating over the course of a few hours.  It was nice and relaxing though.  A wonderful way to spend Christmas.

In the afternoon we went to Grandpa Mark and Grandma Ruth's house to celebrate with Matt's family.  Minah wanted me to take her photo with Rachael's duck.  She's saying, "Cheese!"

When I took this photo the sun was shining through the window.  I thought it ended up looking very interesting even though it makes half the photo look smokey.

Sisterly love

I thought this one looked pretty funny because they were both smiling so pretty until I snapped the photo.

This is what they were doing a few seconds later when I took another photo!

My beautiful Chloe

My sweetheart Jacob


  1. I love the photo of Minah handing Chloe a present. The look on Chloe's face is priceless!!
    The girls have gotten so big.
    Happy Holidays,

    Now I must update my blog. :)

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