Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Wisconsin Dells Vacation-Day 2 Continued...

I think this photo makes Ryan look like Justin Timberlake.  Don't tell him that though.  LOL!

We took a break from the waterpark in the afternoon and headed over to the Sweet Hut.  Ryan and Ryan's favorite ice cream is Blue Moon and they both were excited they had it there.  Both of them ordered a 2 scoop sundae and both must have had eyes bigger than their stomachs because they couldn't finish them.

I can't believe how mature Ryan is looking now.  During our trip I was reflecting back to the first time Matt and I went to the Dells.  We took Rachael and Ryan and it was a month before we became engaged.  Ryan was almost 5 years old-exactly the same age Chloe is now.  Boy, does time fly!

Jacob decided he didn't want ice cream.  He picked some candy instead.

Minah picked smarties.  They are her favorite candy!

Chloe wanted some blue ice cream too.  Blue Moon tastes like fruit loops cereal.  I thought she'd like it but after a few spoonfuls she was done.

Jacob posing by the fake alligator in the lobby.

Minah decided to try the ice cream.  She isn't a big fan of really sweet things-including this ice cream.  After a bite or two she was done.

We decided to go to the Kalahari Camp area.  They were having a coloring contest so the kids entered their artistic creations.

Minah picked a Winnie the Pooh sheet to color.

Of course it was colored with a BLUE marker-blue is her favorite color.  On another note, I'm teaching her how to say colors.  When I point to something pink and ask her, "What color is this?" she always says, "Chloe!"  Pink is Chloe's all time favorite color and I think it's cute that Minah has put that together.

Every day from 3-4pm they have cookie decorating at the hotel.  We went over and the kids picked a cookie, frosting, and sprinkles for their snack.  Chloe picked the pink frosting-no surprise!

Jacob picked orange frosting and multi-colored sprinkles.

Minah picked out pink too and I let her add the sprinkles.

Jacob and Minah were pretty tired after we had cookies so Matt took them back to our room to relax.  Chloe and I stayed and finished her picture.  Didn't she do a great job!

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