Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Few more Halloween Photos

Jacob at his Hallween parade at school.  All of the children put on their costumes and walk outside past the waiting parents.  Jacob decided to be a ninja.

For the Halloween party I had to coordinate a game.  We did the "Mummy" game and the children took turns wrapping each other in toliet paper.  I added the bow to Jacob's hair.  I don't think he realized.  :)

The kids loved Trick-or-Treating!  We go around our block before they are tired.  My niece Abby came out with us this year and my Mom and Dad watched Christopher.

The kids really had a good time.  It was fun spending more time with my brother Mike, sister-in-law Julie, Abby and Christopher too.  My Mom and Dad came over to join in the fun.  I made a pot of regular chili, another of white chicken chili, and had hotdogs for the kids.  They had plenty of candy for dessert.  :)
Ryan was a "Cereal Killer"-box of cheerios on his head and a fake bloody knife.  I think he had more fun walking around with his friends and spending time with a few friends that happen to be girls than being home with us.  Jacob was a ninja, Chloe was Barbie Fashion Charm School girl, Minah was a ladybug, Abby was Minnie Mouse, and Christopher was a tiger.

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