Friday, October 28, 2011

Preschool Trip to The Pumpkin Farm

Chloe had a field trip to Kuipers Family Farm with her preschool trip.  I was so happy when I heard that Minah and I could come too!  The girls had so much fun.  First they went in the barn and climbed all over the hay bails.  It brought back fun memories from my childhood.  My cousins had a dairy farm (which my father grew up at) with a hay barn.  We would go out and jump in the hay, swing from a rope, and create haunted houses any time of the year.

Minah was riding the horsie!  She kept saying, "Go!  Go!"

My little cowgirl! 

Chloe on the jumping pillow.

The girls climbing the tire mountain.  I laughed because when Chloe saw the photo she asked how the kid got onto the sign.  I had to do a double take because I never saw them when I took the photo!

Minah riding the tire horse.

Chloe picking out her pumpkin.  So many to choose from!

Chloe asked me which photo is my favorite.  I told her this one because it is of my two favorite little girls!

They had so much fun exploring the pumpkin farm.  They saw the animals at the petting zoo, rode on a hayride, jumped on the jumping pillow and explored everywhere.  Afterwards we went to the bakery across the street to get our apple cider and apple doughnuts!  Yummy!!!!  Chloe said they have the best doughnuts and I agree.  It was a fun day with my girls!

I wanted to add that the girls took a lot of time to pick out their pumpkins.  Minah insisted on bringing home the pumpkin she is holding in the photo.  It didn't have a stem and was very small but it was HER pumpkin and she loved it.  Unfortunately on the way to the car she dropped it twice and it cracked on the top and the bottom so it rotted outside pretty quick.  It's still out by our front door but it is in sorry shape.

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