Monday, October 31, 2011

Chloe's Preschool Halloween Party

Isn't she the cutest ladybug ever!  A few weeks ago Minah saw a ladybug costume in a catalog that came in the mail and said that was her favorite.  We went to the store and I figured she would pick out something different.  As soon as she saw it she had to have it.  She carried it with her throughout the store.  Before the preschool party I slipped it on her (without the shirt under it).  I guess it was scratchy because suddenly she didn't like it and wanted it off!  It took a little coaxing once we got to the school but she decided to wear it once she saw everyone else in their costumes.

Chloe is Barbie Fashion Charm School.  She, too, decided a few weeks ago what costume she wanted and would not settle for anything else.  Since Friday she has worn it every single day.  I'm glad she likes it!

Chloe and her class doing their Halloween parade.

My girls!

Chloe had her Halloween party on Friday at her school.  I was so happy when they said Minah and I could come and watch.  The children first did a parade around the indoor track at the community recreation center.  Next they moved to the "party room" where they had games and a bounce house.  Minah was in heaven since she could play with the big kids and her sister Chloe.  They had so much fun!

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