Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Apple Orchard

A week and a half ago we visited an apple orchard.  It is so nice walking down the rows of apple trees and picking your own.  Our entire family loves to sample the apples as well.  It was a little more difficult for Jacob as he has lost his four front teeth.  They are starting to come in but barely enough to get a good bite out of an apple.  This year we brought Ryan's best friend with us.  His name is also Ryan and I call him my other son named Ryan because he spends so much time at our house.  While we picked our apples, the big boys got to try the apple cannon.  It is a pressurized contraption that launches apples over 75 miles per hour.  They loved it! 
As our morning went on and we filled our apple bags we ventured over to the barnyard.  It was perfect for Jacob, Chloe, and Minah.  They slid on slides, jumped in corn kernels, drove a pretend tractor, climbed on a hay bale maze, rode on giant tricycles, and visited the petting zoo.  The kids really loved feeding the animals in the petting zoo.  I have to say, they had the strangest looking lama there but it was very friendly.  Next we were over to the jumping pillow while the big boys visited the corn maze.
A trip to the apple orchard isn't complete without apple cider doughnuts.  This year we went a little overboard.  We must have had some kind of apple fever because we ordered 3 dozen.  There was no way we could have ever eaten that many but we tried.  As we sat down outside to eat our doughnuts a blue grass band started to play on the little stage.  Suddenly Minah jumped up and started dancing.  At first I wasn't sure what she was doing.  I mean, I knew she was dancing but she had her left arm out and she was batting at her elbow with her right had.  I looked up at the stage and realized she was pretending to play the banjo!  Too cute!

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  1. I finally found your blog! My old computer died and lost tons of my blogs. I'm glad to see that the kids are all growing like weeds.
    Stay in touch.