Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Trip to Wisconsin!

Cutie Bei!

Chloe and Bei's cousin-She was so sweet!

Minah playing on the swing set.

Lovin' spending time with our friends.

Jacob and Bei hanging out.

Having fun out on the lake.

Bath time for the little ones.

Last month we went to visit our friends Dan, Liz, Bei, and Kai at their cabin in Wisconsin.  Talk about a great time!  We haven't seen them in two years which was far too long!  We met Dan and Liz three years ago in Beijing.  We were in the same travel group of families from all over the United States that made their way to China.  Turned out their son Bei and our Chloe were at the same orphanage.  During our long stay in China we quickly became friends and I'm so happy we were placed our our journey together.  I feel it was destiny to be united with our Chloe and also with our wonderful friends we met on our trip.  I am so happy that we will be life long friends.
Our lives have changed so much in the three years since we met our children.  Dan and Liz returned to China and brought home Kai Kai Sweetie Pie and Miss Minah joined our family.  Kai and Minah are only a month apart in age and Chloe and Bei are less than a year as well.  Jacob and Ryan had fun playing with the boys too and loved everything about Wisconsin.
We set out that Friday morning on our 7 hour car ride to Wisconsin and by the time that we arrived, seven hours is all that seemed to have passed since the last time we saw our friends.  Quickly the kids became instant friends again.  It is amazing how quick kids can bond over toads as they chased them throughout the yard.  Minah and Kai stayed busy playing on the swing set.  Once Dan arrived we headed out on their boat.  We enjoyed a yummy fish fry and fun.  Not only were Dan and Liz amazing hosts but so were Mark and Gina (Dan's brother and sister-in-law).  They came over and took the boy's out on the lake boating which was certainly one of the highlights for them!
More to come tomorrow......


  1. Beth,
    I love seeing how the kids have grown! Jacob looks so much older and Chloe I would not have recognized. The photos are great and show how much the kids enjoy being together. Thanks for posting this! Anita

  2. Love the post! I linked up to it from my blog so people can read your description of the weekend. The pictures are great! Miss you guys!