Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last trip to the Zoo before School Started!

 The little ones and Mommy.
 Jacob and Chloe working on projects at the children's zoo.  The project of the day was to make a playground for bugs.  I think Jacob could have stayed another hour or so working on it.  He had so much fun!
 The girls made one too.  They loved cutting, twisting, and gluing things to their boxes.
 Playing around outside
 Making beautiful music.
 Yes, she still loves to play the drums.  When we ask her to "play Nanta" she still starts beating a drum.  We have a another percussionist on our hands.  :)
 They had all kinds of interesting instruments outside.

 Painting faces at the children's zoo.
 Minah loved her rainbow Mommy did for her.
 Chloe did her own and was so proud of herself.

 It was hot and the kids loved the sprinkler there.
 Checking out the butterfly house. 
 Ryan and his friends joined us.  They really like "Stingray Bay" where you can pet live stingrays.
Jacob and Chloe liked the stingrays too but Minah wanted nothing to do with them.  Occasionally she would look but did NOT want to touch them.

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