Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Chuseok and Autumn Moon Festival!

Our Sweet Chloe

Flying home


Telling secrets

So sweet!

We wanted to wish our friends and family a Happy Chuseok and Autumn Moon Festival.  Especially Mrs. Choi and her family and our friends at SWS. 

Today we celebrated them both at our home.  We had a yummy meal of bulgogi, japchae, songpyeon, apples, cake, and moon cakes.  We talked about how Chuseok is celebrated in Korea and spent time reminiscing by telling stories of loved ones that have passed.  We also explained how Autumn Moon Festival is celebrated in China and spent time outside tonight enjoying the beautiful fall moon.  This was our first time celebrating both holidays and I hope to do more next year.  It was so wonderful spending time with our family.

Happy Chuseok and Autumn Moon Festival!!!!

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