Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here are a few photos that I took at our resort on our vacation to Disney World.  The kids were such sports about having their photographs taken that day. Jacob and Chloe were wearing their lanyards to trade pins with the people that work at Disney World.  Minah tried to trade pins but she didn't like the idea of parting with hers.  She would pick one out on someone else's lanyard and when I would try to take off one of hers she would grab it out of my hand and say, "Mine."  Maybe next time.  :)

Ryan enjoyed wearing the back pack Matt bought him at Hollywood Studios.  It looked like Yoda from the Empire Strikes Back.  He had so many people ask him where he got it because they wanted one too.  Rachael picked out a really cute umbrella that looked like a panda bear when it was opened.  Of course we didn't go anywhere without "Puppy"-Minah's beloved stuffed animal.  She will no longer sit to eat if puppy isn't right next to her.  It is her constant companion.  I don't know what we will ever do if we lose puppy somewhere!

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