Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Girl's Day!

While the boys were away the girls played.  We spent out morning leisurely getting ready for our big lunch date.  We had reservations to eat at Cinderella's Castle!  This was the first time any of us had ever eaten at the castle so we were all looking forward to it.  Chloe had picked out a pretty Rapunzel costume before we left for her big day.  Since Minah is still too small to fit into a costume I found a cute Rapunzel dress with purple tuling on the skirt for her.  Rachael spent quite awhile getting ready.  Before we left, I surprised my three princesses with their own tiaras!  They looked so pretty.  Chloe and Rachael put theirs right on but Minah wasn't too fond of it so we put it in our bag to take along with us.
We boarded the buses to the Magic Kingdom and we were off for out date.  We got there and it was already pretty hot so we went right to the castle.  As soon as we were checked-in for our reservations, we were placed in line to meet Cinderella herself.  They took a lovely photo of the girls with her and then another photo of all of us.  The inside of the castle is amazing.  You truly felt like you had stepped into a royal home.  We made our way up a winding staircase to the dining room.  We had a lovely seat in the middle so we could see all of the entertainment as they passed through the room.  Immediately after we were in our chairs our server brought the girls their very own princess wand and "wishing stars".  It didn't last long before we had to take Minah's wand away because it became more of a sword (too many brothers).  The food was delicious.  As we ate Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Belle (Beauty and The Beast) stopped by our table to talk to us.  Chloe hopped up each time and hugged the princesses.  It took Minah awile but by the end she wanted to hug them too.  I was surprised but she actually said, "Belle" when she came out.  I didn't think she would recognize them because they were live people instead of the cartoons she has watched. 
I tried to plan a few surprises for our day and the next was to come.  I secretly ordered special desserts for the girls.  They were chocolate slippers filled with chocolate mousse.  They came on a shortbread wafer with berries and chocolate.  On each of their plates I had them write, "Princess Rachael", "Princess Chloe, and "Princess Minah".  I wanted to let them know how special each and every one of them are to me.  The girls loved them and they tasted so good!  At the end of the lunch they had each girl get out their wand and do a "spell" with their wishing stars.  After they said the spell the room lit up with lights sparking on the walls and ceiling.  It was so cute! 

Afterwards the girls wanted to go back to the hotel and play in the pool.  We decided to ride the carousel once before we left.  I loved watching their faces and seeing them look around in awe at all of the sights and sounds.  For me, watching them experience everything is like experiencing it again myself for the first time.  I love every, single minute of it.  We had such a magical day and it was so much fun to spend time with my Mom and the girls.

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