Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation Day 2-Look Who's Flying!

Look what we did this afternoon!  Para Sailing!!!!! 

We headed over to Eagle Para Sailing around lunch time.  It started out that Ryan, Rachael, and Matt were doing to fly and the rest of us were there to cheer them on.  We got started out to sea when Chloe started to gently express interest.  Okay, she was really upset and wondering, "Why don't I get to do it?  I never get to do anything!" were actually the words that came out of her mouth.  I said, "You really want to do it?" to which she responded, "YES!!!"  So, Daddy and Chloe were the first ones up.  Chloe was strapped to Matt.  She was a champ and loved every minute of it.  They went so high and were up for about 10 minutes.  Next was Rachael and Ryan.  They both did awesome too and were also up for 10 minutes.  Rachael told our boat driver that she didn't really want to get wet so he kindly obliged and got her soaked.  LOL!  It was so much fun watching them up there flying and defiantly the highlight of the trip so far.

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