Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disney Day 2-Boy's Day Star Wars Weekend!

The second day of our Disney trip we split up.  The boys went to Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios.  They got up really early and headed over to the park.  I had read online that even though the park was scheduled to open at 9am it was really opening at 8am!  Luckily I was right or I think I would have had 3 angry guys. 
It started with a storm trooper show in the roof top with Jango Fett joining them.  Next they went and signed Jacob up for the Jedi Training Academy.  The pictures are above.  The kids are put in Jedi robes and given "training" with their light sabers.  Suddenly Darth Vader and Ventress appear and they must fight them.  Jacob loved it!  They were a able to ride the new Star Tours ride 4 times in a row and said it was great.  They ate lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater.  The lines were really long for the characters and the boys were hot.  They only had pictures taken with the Army Guy from Toy Story and Queen Amadala.  They did see so may more Star Wars characters though and they all looked so real in the make-up.  I couldn't believe it when I heard Jacob rode Tower of Terror!  He is getting so brave!!!!  Before they left they got some great souvenirs.  It was such a fun day for my Star Wars boys and a great way for them to spend some "guy" time on our trip.


  1. very fun! We were just there 2 weeks ago :)

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