Thursday, May 26, 2011


Since the weather is getting warmer and it is staying lighter longer in the evening the kids have loved playing outside.  Once Jacob gets home from school and does his homework, he is off to play outside with the neighbor boys.  It's difficult to get him to come in for dinner and bath time.  The girls love to be in the back yard.  They run around in the grass, help me water the plants, play on the swing set, and just enjoy the beautiful weather.  Chloe's favorite thing to do is swing.  The higher the better for her.  She says to me, "Mom, do an underdog!"  I am not very good at underdogs and that is something we leave for Daddy.  Minah loves chasing the dog and climbing up the slide.  She will run after Sophie laughing and giggling.  I think she knows she can't catch her but she gives it her all.  Next she will grab a hold of the slide and muscle her way up to the top.  Most of the time she decides to slide back down on her tummy and try it again.  Occasionally she will play at the top and look out the telescope or turn around and slide back down on her bottom.  It's nice they can get outside and run off some of their energy!

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  1. 클로이 minah 건강 하고 예쁘게 자라는모습이
    사랑 스럽습니다