Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making Crafts and a Sleepy Sister

After Chloe's surgery Grandma Ruth stopped by with a bag full of crafts.  It has offered Chloe some distraction as she could not go outside for 5 days.  Even after those 5 days they said not to have her do too much-no scheduled activities, play dates, etc.  That has proven tough for my active girl!  Each day we paint her fingernails with the nail art kit.  She picks a design in the book and I try my best to replicate it.  Minah likes hers done as well.  She only has me paint her two pointer fingers though.  I don't think she wants to sit still for the rest.  On this day we did the jewelry making kit.  Chloe used glitter gel to decorate some beads and glue to add some extra sparkle.  It came with stretchy cord and she carefully created her necklace.  She is so proud of it.

Miss Minah fell asleep on the couch that afternoon.  I thought it was so cute because she was all cuddled up with her "puppy" and our dog Sophie cuddled up to them and took a nap too.  I think it's funny that Minah's puppy really resembles our dog.  It wasn't always that way.  Minah's puppy was once a silky, soft, white terrier called Coco from the American Girl store.  It has been much loved by a very sweet little girl.

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