Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jacob and Minah

I'm not sure if I have talked much about Jacob and Minah's relationship.  I talk a lot about Chloe and Minah but not Minah and Jacob.  Let's just say Minah LOVES her brother and he loves her.  On this day Jacob was cuddling her like a baby.  The two of them were laughing and giggling the entire time. It was so cute!
 When Jacob comes home Minah runs over and starts hugging him as soon as he walks in the door.  Jacob gets so happy to see her too and happily hugs her back.  When Jacob is at school Minah tends to claim Jacob's possessions as her own.  Her favorite is....his underwear.  Yes, it is a little strange.  She likes to wear his underwear and she can now put them on herself.  They are big on her but fit okay over her diaper.  We've progressed a bit here too luckily.  At first she wanted to wear them on her head like a hat.  Last Monday Matt came home from work and went to the store with Minah.  He came home laughing because when he got there he realized his little girl was wearing boy's underwear under her dress. 
She also loves his blankey too.  Let me explain-since Jacob was a little baby he has had this one, special blanket.  It is a world traveler too.  It came with us to China and was almost lost when the hotel staff scooped it up with the bed sheets.  Luckily it found it's way back to our room.  I can't imagine Jacob's grief if it had been lost for good.  Jacob still sleeps with it every night and doesn't show any signs of parting with it.  In fact, he proudly professes his love for "blankey" pretty regularly.  I don't think he knows but when he isn't around Minah has claimed it as hers.  She likes to sleep with it, cuddle with it on the couch, etc.  I think she knows that it is Jacob's and she wants to be close to him.  She gladly gives it to him when he gets home.  It is very sweet.  The two of them have a very special relationship.  Jacob loves his baby sister and Minah idolizes her big brother.  I'm so happy for them that they have such a special bond that I hope they always share.

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