Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chloe's Surgery

Not only was Thursday Rachael's birthday but it was also the day Chloe had surgery.  The doctor removed her tonsils and adenoids (again).  He also put tubes in her ears.  The surgery went well and she was in recovery for a few hours before we could take her home.  She was so brave and the staff was wonderful with her.  It was shortly after lunch when we arrived home.  Minah had stayed home with Grandpa Bob and it was obvious she had him wrapped around her little finger by the time we came back.  They had watched several episodes of her favorite show-Blues Clues, ate candy, played games, and he was on his 5th book he was reading to her.  The minute we walked in Minah jumped off the couch and ran over shouting, "Chloe!  Chloe!  Chloe!" and couldn't wait to hug her big sister.  It was so sweet to watch.  We put Chloe on the couch and Minah cuddled up next to her. 
Chloe has done really well since the surgery.  The tylenol with codeine made her nauseated so we stopped that after the first day.  I can tell when her pain medicine is wearing off so I've been giving it to her round-the-clock.  The soft food diet is going well so far.  We've started counting down the days until she can eat any type of food-10 more days!  We're counting down the days until our big vacation too-the beach and Disney World!  Only 25 more days to go!!!

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