Monday, May 23, 2011

Chloe's Recovery

These photos were taken the day after her surgery.

Well, we have 4 more days until Chloe can resume most activities.  It has been a rough week and a half.  We've done pretty well managing the pain from her tonsil removal but she had a lot of trouble with stomach aches and (I think) pressure in her ears after the surgery.   Pretty much every night for the last week she has woken up crying or just cried in her sleep.  Since she is in bed with us, none of us have slept very well.  We're hopeful she is feeling better soon.  She is one tough cookie and it is hard knowing she isn't feeling well.  The doctor said everything is healing well.  Thursday she can eat anything she wants and after an additional week she can also do any kind of activity she wants (swim, gymnastics, etc.)

Minah has been so sweet to her.  She is a very perceptive little girl.  The first night Chloe woke up crying we were still downstairs.  Minah heard her first and started yelling at us, "Chloe!  Chloe! Chloe!" and we all ran upstairs to check on her.  Minah tried to climb in Chloe's bed and cuddle next to her but Chloe was too upset to let her.  So, Minah grabbed a book and stood by Chloe's head and pretended to read it to her saying, "Bob bop bop."  in a cute little voice.  When that didn't work she started patting her hair and kissing her.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  The next night Chloe awoke screaming again.  By this time we were in our bedroom with Chloe and Matt was standing cuddling her.  Minah ran in the bathroom and grabbed an empty medicine dispenser and took it to Matt.  I think she thought, "Chloe is crying and medicine will make her feel better."  Next she went over and pulled the door the bathroom closed to dim the lights in the room.  Again, super sweet!  During their nap the following day I went up to check on Chloe (because she was crying) to find that Minah had also woken up.  She had cuddled up next to her sister and was gently patting the side of Chloe's head saying, "Shhhhh.....Shhhhhh...." and giving her kisses.  Chloe is really lucky to have such a loving, nurturing sister.

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