Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank you!!!!

The package arrived!

Chloe helped Minah open it.

She was very excited to see what was in there.

Almost there!

She loves the backpack so much!

She likes to wear it everywhere.

The bunny was so sweet!

A week ago Monday my phone rang and I noticed it was our adoption agency.  I answered it and Jill (one of the Korean specialists) said, "Your little Minah must have been very popular in Korea because I have a HUGE package on my desk!  It is from her foster family."  She went on to explain that the box had been damaged in transit so they would repack it and send it out to us.  She explained that she was sorry that there was a delay in getting it to us because she had been out on vacation the week before.  We were so excited!  Friday the package arrived and we took it over to Granny's house to open it.  It was hard to do but we waited until Matt got there so he could see Minah open it too.  Minah's foster family sent a wonderful box of gifts-a soccer ball, Nike soccer hats, Pororo puzzles, a Pororo backpack, and a bunny for Minah.  She loved everything!  The kids have been having so much fun playing with the puzzles.  We just leave them out on the kitchen table because every time we put them away-they get them right back out.  Minah wears her backpack everywhere.  It is the perfect size for her and she feels like such a big girl when she wears it.  I had to tell her she couldn't sleep with it on and she got a little angry with me.  We compromised and she slept with it next to her.  The boys love the soccer hats and the soccer ball.  Jacob is already wanting to play with it outside.  The bunny is so cute too and Minah loves snuggling with it. 
Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts!!!

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