Sunday, April 3, 2011

She loves to eat pizza-not just wear it :)

Miss Minah loves pizza.  It is one of her very favorite foods.  Lately though she has decided she likes to run her fingers through her hair while she is eating.  On this day she decided she wanted it everywhere-not just her hair.  It was all over her high chair, the floor, her face, her hair, and her clothes.  She is a bit stubborn and she threw her bib on the floor while she was eating.  I think it was because she wanted to be a big girl like Chloe and Chloe doesn't wear a bib anymore.  As soon as she was finished, it was bath time and I took her upstairs to clean her off.  Actually, she really LOVES to take a bath so maybe that is why she has decided to be so messy!

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