Monday, April 25, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated Easter.  The little ones woke up early and couldn't wait to see their Easter baskets and do their egg hunt.  Next year I think we'll try and have breakfast first because they all just wanted to eat candy.  We quickly got ready for the day and went to church.  Grandpa Bob met us there and it was a very nice service.  Afterwards we went home, changed clothes, picked up our salad I made for Easter lunch and picked up Rachael before heading out.  My brother, sister-in-law and niece picked up my Grandmother and we all arrived at my Mom's house.  They couldn't wait long before they had to open the Easter baskets that she made for them.  As soon as Ryan got there they had another egg hunt.  Soon it was lunchtime and my Mom had prepared an amazing meal.  I think the adults were the only ones that really ate because the kids were still full from all of the sugar! 

That night we got home and Matt and I tried to organize all of the candy.  Seriously, there is a crazy amount of candy that they got from all of the Grandparents.  We had 2 ziploc bags of chocolate candy, a zip-loc of starbust/skittles, a ziploc of gummy bears, a ziploc of marshmallow peeps, a ziploc of gum, a ziploc of jelly beans, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some.  We are trying to see if we can donate some of it or just give it away.  I over bought to begin with too.  There are *gasp* nine bags on top of my refrigerator!  Good thing I bought new toothbrushes and more kids toothpaste!

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