Friday, April 22, 2011

Decorating Easter Eggs

She was really concentrating.

Last Sunday we decorated Easter eggs.  Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Mark, and Granny came over to watch the kids have fun.  It was a bit delayed because my eggs didn't cook properly!  Yikes!  I guess I was "lucky" Matt accidentally dropped one and it exploded on the floor.  Quickly I put them all back on the stove.  I ended up cooking them almost 3 times longer than normal and finally they were done.  There must have been some super chickens somewhere.  LOL! 
We decided to try something different.  Matt cut small sections of a paper towel holder to use as a support for the eggs.  We left about a dozen eggs warm and placed them on the supports and the kids used crayons to color them.  As they color on it the crayon melts and creates really interesting designs.  The eggs were a little too hot for Minah so she colored a cold one.  Afterwards we dyed eggs.  The kids did a great job and the eggs looked so great.  It was fun to watch Minah decorate eggs for the first time too.  We're so excited that she will be with us this year!

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