Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Photos from Outside

Playing with Sophie.  Notice the sparkly pink shoes?  She LOVES these shoes.  Actually she loves any sparkly shoes now and will wear Chloe's around the house even though they are too big for her.

Minah wanted to do the slide herself-over and over.

Each time she would land on the ground.  Luckily when we were building the play set Matt dug out the entire area and we filled it with a lot of mulch so it has extra padding.  Still it has to not feel good when she hits the ground.

Chloe marching up the climbing wall by herself.  Her favorite part of the play set is the rings.

Minah peeking out from the playhouse.  She insisted on wearing her jacket but it was pretty warm.  She got a little sweaty.

Chloe loves swinging!

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