Sunday, March 20, 2011

Minah's 2nd Birthday

Minah is such a happy girl.

She is just the sweetest thing too! 
She was dancing in this picture-that's why her arms are blurry.

She was doing the Hokey Pokey.

She LOVES to dance.

Grandma Ruth and Minah with her birthday cake.  Grandma made a flower one since Minah's birthday falls on the first day of spring.

Grandma made another cake too-a puppy because she knows how much Minah likes puppies.

Cousin Scarlett, Daddy, and Minah

Daddy and his girl.

We were surprised that Minah ate so much cake and ice cream.  She will usually just want a bite or two.  Sweet foods aren't her favorite usually but today she ate a lot of them!

Minah opening her gifts.  Chloe and Dylan were helping her by opening the cards.  She got some fun toys and beautiful clothes.

Today was Minah's 2nd birthday and the first one she celebrated with us.  I was worried the last few days that we may have to cancel her party.  She hasn't been feeling well-a low fever, cough, and congestion.  She woke up late this morning (9am) and fell back to sleep shortly afterwards until 10am.  When she finally woke up for the day she was happy and seemed to feel much better.  At one point I looked over at her when she was sitting on the couch and she was pinching her nose and laughing.  I then realized she had finally learned how to blow her nose and she desperately needed a tissue.  Being able to blow her nose I think made her feel so much better!  The rest of the day I worked with her encouraging her to use a tissue.  :) 
At 4pm everyone started arriving.  She had fun playing with her cousins Claudia, Dylan, Scarlett, and Abby.  Matt ran out and picked up pizza and pasta.  Minah loves pizza and that was the first food she ate for us in Korea.  Next we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cake.  Grandma Ruth made lovely cakes for the party and they tasted so good.  Minah couldn't wait to tear into her gifts.  She got some fun electronic toys (a little pretend laptop computer, an alphabet game, some stuffed animals, and a book), some lovely clothes, and some money for her college account.  She was such a good girl and really seemed to enjoy her party. 
Today I thought so much about her family in Korea-her Omma and Appa (Mrs. Choi and her husband).  A year ago today they gave her a wonderful Tol (first birthday).  I am so thankful for them and I always want them to be part of her life.  They are a special part of her life-and now ours forever.  I also thought about Minah's birthmother today as two years ago she made a great sacrifice.  I hope she has peace and happiness in her life.  She had many choices she could have made during her pregnancy and I am so thankful she chose to give Minah life.  I hope she knows how much we love our little girl and how very, very special she is to so many people.

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