Thursday, March 17, 2011

Matt's Birthday - The big "4-0"

The kids were making birthday cards and decorating the house.

Wednesday was Matt's 40th Birthday.  Unfortunately for him, he had meeting scheduled for Cub Scouts all  evening so we decided to surprise him and celebrate on Tuesday.  The girls and I went shopping and bought him a gift and picked up birthday supplies.  When Rachael, Ryan, and Jacob got home from school they starting making "Happy Birthday" posters for him.  They worked for a LONG time on them and did a great job.  Rachael and Ryan blew up balloons and the kids used them to decorate the house.  They added streamers too.  I was so proud of them.  Chloe picked out some yummy oreo cupcakes that were amazingly good!  We enjoyed a great dinner-steak on the grill, shrimp, pasta, and fresh green beans.  Afterwards we sang Happy Birthday and ate the cupcakes.  It was fun surprising him and I think he really enjoyed it.