Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Chloe is taking gymnastics again.  She finished her first session last month and loved it!  It seems like it is a good sport for her.  I joke that she is my little pretzel.  She is so flexible and strong.  It is easy for her to do most of the things required during class.  We can only view the first and last class of the session.  Watching was a little hard for Minah because she didn't understand why SHE couldn't be out there with sister.  Near the end of class the gymnastics coordinator arrived (not the woman who teaches the class but the one that runs the entire program) and she scooped up Minah.  Together they went over to the foam pit and Minah was in her glory!  She had so much fun stacking the cubes and before the class was over she even jumped in all by herself! 

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