Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Loving the Bottle

Minah still loves her bottles.  I've tried to transition her to a sippy cup or even a different type of bottle.  The ones we that came home with her from Korea have started to deteriorate.  The nipples are falling apart and starting to split.  Minah wants nothing to do with different ones.  She wants THESE bottles.  She still takes about 4-5 bottles per day.  That is over 40 ounces of milk!  When she wants a bottle, she will run over to me and try to grab my arm or leg and pull me to the counter where the bottles sit.  By this time I know what she wants and I ask, "Do you want a bottle?"  Over the last week and a half she has learned to say Yes.  It is more like, "Yeah!!!"  I'll get the bottle and she will run over to the couch.  Usually she places a pillow on the couch and she will lay there waiting for me.  Not only does she want a pillow but she also wants her stuffed dog and a blanket to cover herself.  I think it will still be a little bit before Minah parts ways with her bottle.

1 comment:

  1. She is so cute though, it must be impossible to say no. :) I love this pic and look at those cute little shoes! Gorgeous.