Thursday, February 10, 2011

Minah-"I Love You!" Video

Last night I took some video of the kids while Chloe made her Valentine's Day box for preschool.  The kids had just taken a bath and were having a snack before bed.  Minah was in a really cute mood.  In the video she is trying to say, "I LOVE YOU!"  She says it a lot and her and I have created a cute way we say it to each other.  First I say, "I" and she points to her eyes and says "I"-it's probably "Eye" to her.  Next I say "LOVE" and she tries really hard to say it but it doesn't quite sound like it most of the time.  While I say "LOVE" I make a heart shape with my hands.  Minah does it towards the end of the video.  She puts her finger tips and thumbs together when she tries to do it.  When I say, "YOU!" I point to her so when she says "YOU!" she points to herself.  It is so cute!  She is just the sweetest little girl!

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